How to Balance Dating and Eating

We’ve all been there. It’s date night and one of you wants Indian food while the other can’t stand anything remotely spicy. Or perhaps you’re a die-hard vegan while your sweetheart can’t get enough red meat and cheese. Even worse, what if one of you is in the mood to go out and splurge on a big meal while the other can’t afford anything but canned tuna until the next paycheck? How do you deal, negotiate and compromise so both parties are happy?

Cooking and Cuddling

Well for one, cook together instead of going out. It’s more cost effective for both of you so you’ll have more money to spend on other fun couple activities, such as a big road trip or a romantic date night. Look up recipes together and decide on things both of you would love to try. The beauty of food is that it brings people together.

However it’s important you make sure to opt for healthier options. Go grocery shopping together and make it fun! Don’t make it a miserable get in, get out experience. I still remember some of the goofiest times I’ve had with a boyfriend while we were strolling through the grocery store aisles, deciding on what we felt like eating that night. It was exciting that we had enough time to enjoy each other’s company over a delicious meal. Aim for mostly the produce area and buy fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy carbs such as brown rice, quinoa and whole wheat pasta, and whatever protein floats your boat.

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The idea is to both improve your relationship with your partner as well as your relationship with food. You need to eat three to five times a day, every day. So, why not make those moments and the ones leading up to it worthwhile by using it as an opportunity to bond with your loved one?

Understanding what your partner likes and doesn’t like to eat is also a great opportunity to grow closer, allowing your relationship to blossom further. Don’t you want to know what your sweetheart’s favorite meal is so you can cook it for an anniversary or special occasion? Wouldn’t you want that special someone to know that your favorite vegetable is Brussels sprouts? Love is a give and take, which is a whole lot easier when you’re well informed.

However, the most important thing to remember is to never sacrifice your own preferences for the sake of another. If you like to eat a simple meal of vegetables and rice for dinner while your sweetie wants a big steak, eat whatever the hell you want and they can do the same. As long as both of you are happy to be in each other’s company, whether you agree or not on the specific meal, that’s all that matters. You will disagree and that is 100% okay and natural. The only difference is how you react to it. Negotiate, and compromise but don’t lose yourself in trying to make someone else happy.

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