4 Top Tips for Dating After Divorce

The thought of getting back into the dating pool when you’re divorced can be exhilarating and…exhausting. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind if you’re divorced and getting back into the dating game.

1. Don’t expect to meet Mr. Right straight out of the gate. Wondering on the first date if you’re dealing with husband material or if your family would love this guy puts way too much pressure on the both of you. Keep an open mind while you get use to flexing your dating muscle. Your only goal to start should be- to have fun. It may take you a while to get comfortable on a date if you haven’t been out with someone new in years so be patient with yourself.

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2. Stay present. Try not to bring up the past and all the ways your ex hurt you. While its true that you may have stories in common to share, first dates should be an opportunity to get to know each other, not your exes.

3. Don’t over share. It’s okay to be honest about the fact that your marriage didn’t work out, but you don’t want to unload your baggage to a stranger on a first date. If this turns into a relationship, he’ll have plenty of time to discover the annoying quirks your ex has. Trust me.”

4. Don’t introduce your date to your kids before or after a first date. Meet at a public place and let your connection grow before you involve your children. As awkward as dates may feel following your divorce, remember that first dates are awkward for almost everyone.

The important thing is to relax, have fun and stay present. And remember that even bad date makes a good story!

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