Now vs. Then: Are You Entering Real Adulthood?

Do the high school kids keep getting younger? Beware! You may be crossing the dreaded age line. Here are a couple of signs you may be getting over the hill.

Scenario: It’s your birthday! Your BFF orders a double round of Fireball shots.
Before: It’s not a real birthday until you dance on the bar. You take both down.
Now: You pass on the college booze and sip on a martini.

Scenario: You won two free tickets to the biggest rave festival in town.
Before: Hell yeah you’re going AND your friends are begging to be your +1.
Now: Large, sweaty crowd dancing to headache-inducing music? No thanks.

Scenario: You double book plans with your parents and your friends.
Before: They’re your parents…they’ll understand.
Now: Nothing like spending time with the folks. You even pick up the tab.

Scenario: BFF invites you out for shopping and lunch.
Before: Bills? What are those? You put it on daddy’s card anyways.
Now: You meet for a coffee and re-style old clothes like a super model, you have rent to pay.