Sex and Pregnancy: Top 3 Questions Answered


Talking about sex with a doctor can be tough.  And, if you’re pregnant to boot… the whole sex thing can be even more touchy. The reality? If you’re expecting, it’s time to throw modesty aside…and be open. After all, your OB-GYN is already pretty personal with you, right?

Before your next visit, we wanted to help you out. We asked leading obstetricians to answer the three top questions they field from pregnant patients.

#1 Will having sex cause a miscarriage?

Many couples worry about the health of their baby during sexual intercourse and some even fear that sex can actually cause a miscarriage. Don’t worry. Research indicates that early miscarriages are typically a result of chromosomal abnormalities or other problems with the growing fetus– NOT sex.

#2 Will having sex hurt the baby?

There’s no need for you or your partner to worry about ‘hurting’ the baby during the act of intercourse. The baby is protected by amniotic fluid from the mother’s uterus and the muscles of the uterus itself. It’s also important to note that a woman’s cervix is closed during pregnancy so you don’t have to wonder about accidentally hitting the baby during sex—it simply doesn’t happen!

#3 Is sex safe during pregnancy?

Sex is typically safe during a normal pregnancy according to gynecologists we spoke to. Obstetrician Paula Kolbas (coal-buhs) says fear often happens if there is spotting or bleeding during or after sex. This is fairly normal during the early months of pregnancy, but Dr. Kolbas cautions that if the problem persists you should check with your physician.

Now, experts point out that sex is not advised during pregnancy if you have any of the following conditions:

If you have any of these complications, or even a history of them, you must work closely with your doctor to determine a course of action…to keep you and baby safe.

If your pregnancy is normal…remember: while you’re going to be a mom, but you’re still a woman, too. Have fun!

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