5 Tips To Get Bae To Eat Healthier

Get your boo to eat healthier with these tips:

1. Resist bad breakfast

Encourage your partner to grab a yogurt or banana… instead of a greasy croissant sandwich or donut.

2. Tea time

Get your bae hooked on your favorite tea, as an alternative to calorie-busting coffee drinks or sugar-sweetened soda.

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3. Sweet tooth?

Portion out some dark chocolate to satisfy your lover’s craving, instead of leaving them to finish the whole bag.

4. Recipe for improvement

At least once a week, cook a healthy dinner together. Homemade meals contain more whole foods and less fat, sugar and calories.

5. Fruit instead of Fritos

Cut up some apples and cinnamon or wash fresh blueberries, next time you’re binge watching your favorite series.

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