5 Tips To Improve Romance In The Kitchen

5 Tips to cook up a sexy dinner tonight

1. Set the mood

Ditch the fluorescent lighting for vanilla candles and switch on a jazz playlist to fire up the romance.

2. Make it a date

Call your honey ahead of time to let him or her know you’ll be cooking as a couple. The anticipation of an evening together will make the dinner all the hotter.

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3. Pour the wine!

Why wait till the meal is served? A little vino goes great with the candles and music.

4. Have some fun

Play with the ingredients, like dessert frosting for tasting. Spice up the cooking process with kisses – when they’re least expected!

5. Enjoy the feast!

Get cozy, sit down, relax and enjoy each other’s company

Bon appetit – and taste the love!

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