To Sleep With Him Or Not To Sleep With Him?

Picture this: You’re on a first date with the hottie you matched with on Bumble. Conversation is flowing, he’s easy going, and you can totally feel the sexual tension and physical attraction.

The idea of sleeping with him tonight starts popping into your head.

But is it too soon? Should you put out, or make him work, work, work, work, work for it?… Honestly, you can do whatever the hell you want- It’s your body! But here are critical signs to ask yourself before you jump into bed together.

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1. You know what you want and you’ve made it clear to your partner.

It’s important to be completely transparent the first time you’re going to get freaky between the sheets. Let him know what you want from a relationship, whether you want to be monogamous or keep it casual. If yours’ and your partner’s expectations match up, that’s a great start. You can actually learn a lot from your partner just by the way they talk about sex. If they begin to slut shame an ex, run for the hills girl. Also, never feel like you have to sleep with them because it is expected of you or because they are pressuring you.

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2. You’ve talked about sex safety.

It’s not the most pleasant of conversations, but you must ask your partner about their sexual history and their STD status. Remember, even if they claim that they are clean and get regularly tested, ALWAYS USE A CONDOM. Not only can this minimize your chances of contracting an STD, but you don’t want to be the real life version of Katherine Heigel in Knocked Up.

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3. You are ready for the infamous morning after

Let’s be real here… Sex, especially the first time with a new partner, usually is nothing like a scene from 50 Shades of Grey. It potentially could be awkward, and not a smooth sailing. So, you have to be ready to laugh off any embarrassing moments. If you know you will wake up the next morning feeling any sexual guilt or shame then you are most likely not ready to do the deed.

And remember: If you still are in doubt, just don’t put out.

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