What Do Your Panties Say About You?

Tell me what you wear and I’ll tell you who you are! Don’t believe us? Let us break down your personality based on your underwear.

Boy shorts
You are a care-free sporty girl who loves to show off her ASSets. You prefer low-key nights, beer & you avoid the drama.

You are the HBIC- Head b%!@h In Charge. Your friends come to you for the plans. You are fierce, never afraid to speak your mind & confident.

Granny Panties
You are you & you don’t care what anyone else thinks… even about the hair under your arms. Forget Netflix and chill with someone. You Netflix and chill with a bottle of wine.

You are a driven working-woman who likes to be comfortable. You have a mystery about you. You’re a lady in the street, but maybe freaky in the sheets?

You are a free spirit who finds the beauty in everything – even your lady parts. You have no time to fold underwear. You rather be frolicking in the sun.