5 Worst Places for Sex

Before getting naughty in public, beware of the dirtiest places to have sex!

5. Sex on the beach

The sand is full of bird poop, sewage and garbage. All this can cause: diarrhea, infections and rashes.

4. Monkeying around

That playground slide is rarely cleaned! There are cold & flu germs, also human & animal feces.

3. Doing the deed in the movies

Movie theaters can be dark and romantic but the seats and handrails aren’t washed daily. One swab test of the seats detected staph!

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2. Sweaty sexy time in the gym locker room

The moist room is the perfect breeding ground for germs! A locker room test found: MRSA, staph, strep, norovirus and ringworms.

1. Joining the mile high club

75% or more people on an airplane use 1 bathroom before it is cleaned! Research found the airplane bathrooms to be loaded with E.coli.

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