Why Is #LikeaGirl An Insult? It Has To Stop!


You throw like a girl. You run like a girl. You fight like a girl. Yep, I do, thank you very much! Maybe, because I am a girl. Pretty proud of it, too (not that I had anything to do with it).

When people say the phrase, however, it’s not exactly meant as a compliment.

KnowMore’s parenting expert Dr. Robyn Silverman says, “Much of society has equated ‘like a girl’ to being weak or less than… This is not a ‘girl problem,’ but rather, a ‘societal problem’ that must be addressed if we are to see our girls truly succeed.”

Girls seem to start out feeling confident and strong, but something happens and their self esteems often gets rocked, especially once puberty hits.

Always feminine products couldn’t agree more and has decided it is time to keep our girls strong– always. It is launching the #LikeAGirl campaign to put a stop to the negativity–  NOW.

Their latest video is going viral…and the message is anything but WEAK:


Dr Silverman is all for the positive message in the video. “A campaign that asks us to recognize our mistake of defining ‘like a girl’ in a negative way and then proposes that we reassign positive terms to the phrase is asking for important societal change. Only when society sees the true value of being a girl can the girls see the true value in themselves.”

Just this morning, Dr. Silverman appeared on Good Morning America building on the idea of empowering girls. She was reacting to a new Verizon commercial that basically says, isn’t it time to tell our girls  they’re not just pretty, but pretty brilliant, too? Do we subtly, or not so subtly, discourage kids from fields like engineering and science, long thought to be ‘boy’ areas? Check out the segment here. #GMA

Let us know what you think about changing the way our girls think of themselves…and tell us your ideas to make our daughters proud to live life #likeagirl.

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