Millennial Hair Loss And Its Cause

When it comes to millennials, “connected” and “driven’ come to mind.

But, what about balding?

Doctors say they are seeing more millennials walk in with hair loss. There is no evidence hair loss happens more to today’s younger people, but while previous generations tended to hide under wigs. Experts say there is no taboo for millennials, there is only the drive to seek answers.

Known causes of hair loss in young women include: hormonal changes, autoimmune diseases, stress, what you eat or don’t eat. Doctors say many women are banning meat from their diets and hair is made of protein. Without enough protein, women can’t grow adequate hair.
Styling practices can damage hair too. Like tight braids, over-bleaching or dying, and improper extension use. Hair loss in men of all ages is usually related to testosterone levels. Treatments range from supplements to surgery.

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